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Founded in 2013, the company has a total landbank of 4,300 ha, out of which the currently irrigated land accounts for 1,100 ha. The main crops are: corn, sunflower, soybean, barley and wheat.

In 2021, the Frizon Group developed the first fully digitalised farm in Romania, with an integrated IoT ecosystem featuring the smart devices included in farming equipment: processing, sensors, communications hardware.

The digital integration benefits from a state-of-the-art machinery park maximising performances and production.

Technologies at work

Trimble FarmWorks

we are using a dedicated software solution in order to monitor, collect, share and manage real time information regarding the workflow.

Pessl Instruments Weather Station

a high precision, localized weather forecast and alert system, calibrated on-site, using the latest generation of sensors.


each farm equipment is connected to an integrated monitoring center.

Nik Electronics GEOSCAN

the first East-European crop monitoring program that provides near-real time tracking of plant growth.


The core of Frizon Group operations includes an agro-ecology interest zone with a unique micro-climate and an excellent soil composition that determine high-productivity crops.

Located in southeastern Romania, at the junction of three counties – Vrancea, Galați and Brăila –, FRIZON GROUP's agricultural exploitation area enjoys the influence of several favorable environmental and economic-social factors, which add to the development potential of the group.The agricultural land exploited by the group is in the vicinity of the Siret River, one of the largest rivers in Romania, which makes the entire area irrigable or potentially irrigable, thus increasing the economic attractiveness of the investment.The high degree of flatness of the land and the fact that it is merged into large plots, which in some cases reach 70-100 ha, make these landings easy to cultivate using machines with large working widths.

Other strong points of the area that deserved to be highlighted:
  • We are in the proximity of several large eastern Romanian cities. We are also positioned halfway between Bucharest and Iași (about 200 km from each), two economic powerhouses with strong agricultural academic centers;
  • We are in the near vicinity of two major Danube ports, namely Galați and Brăila (about 50 km);
  • We have easy access to rail freight transport to the biggest Romanian port at the Black Sea, namely Constanța, on railway route. The group is currently investing in the creation of a large storage and distribution center with direct access to the loading point of Halta Tătăranu.
  • The existence of many agricultural assets developed in the 1960-1990 timeframe: farms, buildings and warehouses of former state-owned agricultural companies, former factories for processing agricultural production, irrigation facilities, fishing facilities etc. There is a huge potential for investments that can rehabilitate or reactivate them with relatively low costs compared to new investments.


Our vision goes toward a fully integrated business model which will encompass the entire value chain, from supplies and equipment, origination and processing to storage and distribution of a wide range of agricultural products.We ensure competitive costs and deployment times due to the streamlined processes and in-depth market and field intelligence. All of our technological innovations and investment strategies focus on full accountability of the cyclicality and traceability of our products.

2013 Frizon Group starts its activity as Frizonagra, with a cultivation area of 500 ha and an initial investment of 500.000 Euros.

2014 The cultivation area is extended to 1.100 ha.
The group assumes the presidency of Water User Association (WUA) SPP1 Maiaprodsilva and starts the rehabilitation of the secondary irrigation infrastructure.

2015 Two new companies – Frizonmaica West Wild River SRL and Frizonagra Crops SRL – are created and join the group. The cultivation area reaches 2.600 ha.
First farm monitoring systems are implemented and tested.
The operations base and the storage facilities are refitted.

2016 The cultivation area reaches 3.400 ha. Gabana Ferm SRL joins the group.
The production capacity is significantly increased through massive investments in equipment and through the optimization of processes using precision agriculture principles and systems.
The group assumes the presidency of the irrigation company WUA SPP 10 Gabana Ferm, which also joins the group.
The production flux is optimized, focusing on the most profitable crops: corn, sunflower and pea.

2017 Integrating the operations of a farm in Măicănești. The cultivation area reaches 3.700 ha, and the group turnover tops 4.000.000 Euros.
Agricola Oostrem SRL joins the group, as new investors are brought in. The group assumes the presidency of the irrigation organization SPP 3 Măicănești.
A partnership is launched with the Valea Neagră Association, in order to protect local flora and fauna.

2018 The investments in equipment reach over 1.000.000 Euros.
The group activity is broadening by the acquisition of a decommissioned sugar factory that will be repurposed as a strategic storage handling and distribution facility with railroad access.
In order to use chicken manure as organic fertilizer and improve sustainability, the group signs a 5 years partnership with Vanbet SA Vaslui.
The group starts the rehabilitation of the WUA SPP1 Maiaprodsilva pumping station. Three new irrigation organizations are established in order to cover a 2.200 ha surface.

2019 Over 630.000 Euros will be invested in equipment. The cultivation area will reach 4.000 ha.
The implementation of the first center corner pivot irrigation systems for 80 ha.
Starting the modernization and reconstruction of the irrigation center WUA SPP1 Maiaprodsilva.
Capacity upgrade and rehabilitation of the Tătăranu storage by building a hall with a capacity of 30,000 tons for hard grain with a long term credit.
Launch of a pilot internship project for future graduates.

2020 Focus on optimization of the production flux through investments in new equipment and new technologies such as sequential fertilization of soil.
Modernization and rehabilitation of the secondary irrigation infrastructure for the WUA SPP1 Maiaprodsilva.

Development of infrastructure and integrated technological systems for the storage and usage of solid dejections from poultry farms Vanbet, Avicola Buzău and Morrandi.

Extension of the cultivation surface by 100 ha through lease or acquisition.

Launch of an internship program focused on farm and storage management.

Make extensive parametric insurance for drought risk using the SWI parameter from Copernicus system correlating the information from our Pessl weather stations.

Focus on automatization of data and bringing AI ladder and DB technologies to farming.

2021 Launch of the construction project for the pumping stations of three new WUAs in Nămoloasa.

Handover of the modernization and rehabilitation projects for the WUAs SPP1.

The center pivot irrigation systems will cover up to 400 ha.

Extension of the cultivation surface by 200 ha through lease or acquisition.

Decision making to be done by AI based on statistical data.

The Nănești head office is reconverted into an Agricultural Mechanization Station. The head office is relocated within the Tătăranu storage, handling and distribution facility.

2022 Diversification of the crop portfolio including high-value crops like soy.

Increase the quantity of cereals stored by a further 20,000 to, bringing the total stored quantity to 50,000 to.

Asking for EU financing to create a green anhydrous ammonia plant.

The center pivot irrigation systems will cover up to 1.000 ha.

Extension of the cultivation surface up to 4.500 ha through lease or acquisition.

Plant of 6 ha of forest in a project of creating biodiversity and protection against climate change.

Build a solar power station of 300 KW in Tătăranu plant through the Energy Up program.

Frizon Group starts grain trading.

2023 Full integration of the cultivated area.

The center pivot irrigation systems will cover up to 1.800 ha.

Carrying out a feasibility study for the construction of a photovoltaic power plant on an area of 10 ha near the Tătăranu storage and distribution base.

Carrying out a feasibility study for 6 new irrigation projects.

Starting a feasibility study for a compost facility plant.

Increasing the storage capacity of the Tătăranu Base to 60,000 tonnes of cereals.

2024 Construction begins for the composting facility plant.

Construction begins on the photovoltaic power plant.

Complete digitalization of the circular farming system.

Starting potato cultivation on an area of 250 ha.

2025 Expanding the irrigated area to 3,600 ha by starting construction according to the feasibility study of the 6 irrigation projects.

Completion of the compost manure factory.

Completion of the photovoltaic power plant.

Drafting the organic development strategy of the group based on “business cells”.

2026 Production of 30.000 tons of compost in order to create a complete circular economy of our farm.

Extension of the cultivation surface by 1.000 ha through lease or acquisition.

2027 Introduction of traceability of agricultural products produced by the Frizon Group.

Cultivation of potatoes on an area of 500 ha through our own systems of machines and agricultural machinery.

2028 The irrigated cultivation area reaches 4.600 ha.

Opening of new business units and scaling of the business model at a national level using “business cells”.


Our main asset remains the highly qualified and motivated team of professionals. We are steadily proving our vocation of game changers by attracting and nurturing talent.

The managing team

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